Device to Web
Data Access
Public Portal


  • Get data in the cloud from a NexSens iSIC or SDL through iChart.
  • The logger pushes its data to a web enabled computer running iChart which will upload the data to WQData LIVE.
  • Data viewing, alarms, and reports can all be done from anywhere through WQData LIVE.


  • Upload data straight to WQData LIVE from the field over wifi, cellular, or satalite.
  • Remotely manage logger settings from the cloud.
  • Troubleshoot logging and data reading issues from anywhere through WQData LIVE.

Note: The DL100 is still in development. Contact NexSens Technology, Inc. for more information

Other Loggers

  • In the near future, WQData LIVE will be compatible with other web enabled data loggers.
  • Simply set up the logger and add it to a WQData LIVE account and access the data from anywhere.

Latest Data and Data History

  • View the latest data readings from any site anywhere.
  • A map view provides shows latest data readings at site locations.
  • Full data history can be viewed in a tabular form

Data Download

  • Data history can be downloaded in CSV format.
  • Open downloaded data directly in Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, Google Sheets, or any other spreadsheet program.

Data Sending

  • Send single data sheets to anyone via email.
  • Schedule data sending via email or FTP to send latest data to a server or collaborator.

Manual Data Entry

  • Use custom forms to enter manual data readings.
  • Upload media and notes along side data readings.


  • Share notes, data, and media with other project members.
  • Have multiple people wokring on the same project and entering data into the same fieldbook from anywhere.


  • Cloud based books
  • Paperless! No more losing pens or pages falling out.


  • Upload photos and videos from any computer.
  • Media is stored securely in the cloud.


  • Sort media into albums or attach media files to a site.
  • Search the media gallery by name or date.


  • Set up as many alarms using as many conditions as needed.
  • Alarm conditions can use parameters across multiple sites.
  • Set up reset conditions to closely manage alarm states.
  • Set up actions to specify who is contacted via email when an alarm occurs.


  • Alarms can be made public and then subscribed to from within the LIVE Datacenter mobile app.
  • Subscribers will recieve push notifications on their mobile device whenever an alarm triggers.


  • Use preset time ranges for quick generation.
  • Save report templates for frequent use.


  • Generate reports with graphs and data tables of parameter data.
  • Graphs can have 2 axis with a different unit of measure on each allowing comparision of data readings.


  • Generate reports based on manually entered data.
  • Generate reports of media uploads.
  • Generate note reports to see time aligned series of notes.

Note: WQData LIVE reports are still under development. Currently a limited amount of features are accessible. Contact NexSens Technology, Inc. for more information.


  • Set up a publically accessible portal for people to view project data.
  • Map based interface shows site locations and latest data readings.
  • Short data history is also accessible.
  • Latest videos and photos are displayed as well as links to the full media gallery.


  • Set up a slide show presentation of the project
  • Shows A project overview slide and site slides
  • Site pictures, descriptions, locations, and latest data is displayed

Mobile App

  • The LIVE Datacenter App allows the public to view project data on the go.
  • Public alarms can be subscribed to from the app to recieve push notifications for environmental conditions.
  • Set up the web public portal and then enable the mobile version as well to show up in the list of LIVE Datacenter projects.


  • Set up a web applet to be embedded into a webpage.
  • Embed code is generated for quick copy and paste set up.